Balloon Rides

Hot Air Balloon Rides

So you want to ride in a hot air balloon? You came to the right place! Both tethered and untethered rides will be offered at the festival. Instructions for untethered ride reservations will be posted below once on sale!

Tethered rides will be sold on a first come, first served basis. These rides are $20/person, cash only. We will announce via the stage, Facebook, and Twitter if we are able to open up more tethered rides.

Untethered rides are 40-60 minutes and are reserved in advance only. Prices are $350/person. You will pay in full upon signing up. 


** Interested in watching the balloons take flight? Learn about our Morning Ascension Mimosa & Breakfast experience below! **



Morning Ascension Mimosa & Breakfast:

Watch the morning untethered hot air balloon ascension in style! This ticket includes:

-mimosas with local TN sparkling wine
-catered breakfast
-tented seating with tables & chairs
-early access to the balloon field for pilot Q&A and hot air balloon enjoyment

Catered breakfast includes:

-egg casserole
-country ham
-hash brown casserole
-fresh fruit
-orange juice, tea, coffee

This experience takes place from 7:00am-10:00am on both Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are available for either day. Please keep in mind that this is an “add-on” experience, so you will need to purchase a separate ticket to enter the festival later in the day.

Price: $30/person


Hot Air Balloon Ride FAQ

What is the difference between an untethered and tethered ride?

Tethered rides are “tethered” to the ground using ropes. They will fly 30-50 feet above the ground and rides last around 5 minutes. 

Untethered rides are not tethered and fly 1,000 – 3,000 feet in the air, depending on wind and weather. The flights will last between 40-60 minutes. 

How many people can ride in a balloon?

There are weight restrictions on each basket. Typically between 3-4 adults can fit in a basket. Sometimes less, sometimes more. When you reserve your ride, parties over 5 people may be split into separate baskets. 

How much does it cost to ride?

Tethered flights are $20/person and are purchased on site.

Untethered rides are $350/person and are purchased in advance. We strongly recommend reserving rides early, as they will sell out quickly. 


What are the age/height restrictions?

There is no minimum age limit, however children who cannot see over the basket (typically 42″) cannot ride. Children cannot be lifted or held in the basket by adults. 


How does the weather affect hot air balloon flights?
All Flights are weather permitting! Weather needed for hot air balloon operations. “Calm winds are generally less that 7-10 mph, and “clear skies” are free of rain or other precipitation within 50 miles. Balloons generally operate at sunrise or 1-2 hours before sunset, this is when the winds are usually calm and most predictable.
Can I choose what time of day I fly?
Unfortunately, no. The timeframe is not negotiable. Sunrise and sunset are at specific times each day, and we must fly within the window of daylight.
Tethered Balloon Rides:
Saturday, October 28th evening – 4 PM (earlier start if weather allows and demand is high)
Sunday, October 29th evening – 4 PM (earlier start if weather allows and demand is high)
Untethered Balloon Ride Options:
Friday, October 27th evening  – 4:30 PM
Saturday, October 28th morning –  7:30 AM
Saturday, October 28th evening – 4:30 PM
Sunday, October 29th morning – 7:30 AM

Sunday, October 29th evening – 4:30 PM

Flight times are approximate and could changed based on weather, you will be notified accordingly.

Meeting times for passenger check in will be given once your ride is booked.

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable shoes. We prefer that you wear sneakers or hiking boots. Sandals will not protect your feet. We take off and land in open pastures and areas of un-kept land. This is an outdoor event.
Can I ride if I have underlying health conditions?

This is a rigorous activity and you will enter and exit the balloon basket by climbing over the edge. We are unable to fly passengers who are pregnant or have knee or hip issues that drastically limit mobility. Please let your pilot know of any other serious medical conditions that may affect the flight.

Can I choose which balloon I fly in?

Unfortunately, no. A lot of factors go into planning for a balloon flight. You will be assigned to a balloon based on weight, size in party, and physical limitations. For planning purposes, we need to know the passenger weight if you are over 250 lbs.